Mysia Ways

Nature, History and Culture Routes

Mysia Ways Nature, History and Culture Routes, established by Nilüfer Municipality, are to date the most well-organized hiking trails and cycling routes in Bursa.

Paths and forest roads, connecting settlements to one another, used from ancient and Ottoman times until today, have been rendered safe and easy to walk via Mysia Ways signposts and international standard markings. Mysia Ways routes offer to nature lovers the chance for various activities such as walks, camping, cycling, panoramic view, nature photography, horse riding and wild life observation.

Mysia Ways consist of 44 hiking and cycling routes of a total length of approximately 750 kilometers. The routes start at the village of Misi, deriving its  name from the ancient Mysians, and continue to the ancient town of Apollonia, founded in the 7th century BC,  known today as the touristic settlement of Gölyazı. Kite (Ürünlü quarter), the first administrative centre of the Ottoman sultans in the region of western Bithynia before the capture of Bursa, Uluabat Castle and the ancient port of Kapanca are some of the historical sites that can be visited within Mysia Ways routes.


Mysia Ways Nature, History and Culture Routes start at Nilüfer and continue to Mustafakemalpaşa, Karacabey and Mudanya districts. They have been way marked to international standards and they are equipped with map boards, signposts and direction signs, while hikers and cyclists can also use Mysia Ways digital routes and QR codes.

Mysia Ways consist of the following parts:

  • Trans Mysia Routes in 6 parts (60 km in total)
  • Nature Trekking Routes in 21 parts (244 km in total)
  • Cycling Routes in 17 parts (455 km in total)

Explore Mysia Ways

44 different hiking and cycling routes with a total length of approximately 750 kilometres

Nature Hiking Trails

Mysia Ways nature hiking trails are divided into 21 parts and extend along 244 kilometers. The routes connect with each other villages located in Nilüfer district, villages around Uluabat lake and along the route linking Tahtalı to Kapanca, while at the same time they offer opportunities for a variety of activities such as enjoying panoramic views, bird watching, nature photography, sportive rod fishing, camping, paragliding and caving. Mysia Ways bring together natural beauty, botanic variety,

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Cycling Routes

Mysia Ways Cycling Routes consist of 17 parts extending at a length of 455 kilometers within a wide geographical region which includes the districts of Nilüfer, Mustafakemalpaşa, Karacabey and Mudanya. Mysia Ways cycling routes are a perfect choice if you wish to test your stamina at the mountain slopes and spend time on your own enjoying nature’s silence. All you need to do is pedal and explore Mysia Ways…

Trans Mysia Trails

Trans Mysia Way is divided into 6 parts. The trails extend between Misi, Doğancı Ridge, Kadriye, Güngören, Maksempınar, Akçalar and Gölyazı and pass from few settlements. In general Trans Mysia trails advance on forest and meadow paths, which were used in the past by mountain villagers in order to descend to the plain. Trans Mysia trails have a total length of 60 kilometers.

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Horse Riding Trails Mysia Roads Image

Horse Riding Trails

If you want to make the best of your weekend while horse riding in Mysia Ways, you can visit Nilüfer Nature Horse Riding Park on the 4th kilometer of Orhaneli road, Misi Farmpark on the road to Dağyenice, Demirci Amble Horse Riding Farm, Bay Horse Farm at İnegazi Quarter or Nilüfer Horseriding Sports Club at Fadıllı Quarter. Horseriding inside nature’s beauty is an extremely pleasant activity that can make your weekends more amusing. A quiet and calm weekend awaits for you on horse back alon