Ertan Ayçetin Bicycle House

Address: Başköy / Nilüfer / BURSA

Ertan Ayçetin Bicycle House Mysia Roads Image

The Bicycle House located at Başköy Quarter was established in memory of Ertan Ayçetin, who died in 2021. Ertan Ayçetin was one of the most honorable and active members of the Bursa cycling community and head of Bursa Bicycle and Nature Lovers Association. Ertan Ayçetin brought to our days the cycling tour made in 1897 by Ahmet Tevfik Bey in the region of Bursa by instituting the ‘Hundred Years Bicycle Adventure’ tour, while he contributed to the propagation of the use of bicycle with the establishment of the Bicycle Academy.

The Bicycle House opened in July 2022 by Nilüfer Municipality in the restorated building of the old primary school of Başköy, in memory of Ertan Ayçetin, who worked hard throughout his life in order to share his respect and love for cycling and nature. Ertan Ayçetin Bicycle House was founded in the framework of Mysia Ways Nature, History and Culture Routes Project; Başköy Quarter, located at a central point of the 750 km long 44 hiking and cycling routes of Mysia Ways - a project which aims to support nature-based and cultural tourism in the rural area of Bursa - is in this ways utilized as a meeting point for cycling trails’ users.

Ertan Ayçetin Bicycle House, consisting of Ertan Ayçetin memory hall, a living room, a camp ground, a bicycle repair workshop, a children’s playground, a kitchen, women and men’s showers and toilets, aims to fulfil all kinds of needs of bicycle and nature enthusiasts, while the two rooms of the old primary school teacher lodgement were restorated and re-designed so as to serve as a guest house. Bicycle lovers who want to stay for the night at the Ertan Ayçetin Bicycle House can make a reservation using the registration form in Nilüfer Municipality Mysia Ways website.