Üçpınar House

Üçpınar House Mysia Roads Image

The old primary school building at Üçpınar Quarter was restorated by Nilüfer Municipality and brought into service as Üçpınar House in the context of ‘Mysia Ways’ project.

At Üçpınar House hikers, cyclists, campers and all nature lovers can benefit from accomodation and recreation amenities, while they can also participate at educational activities and workshops. Üçpınar House possesses a camp ground, a recreation/ activity hall, kitchen, showers, women and men’s toilets, while at the guest house section one will find 2 rooms with a total capacity of  6 guests.

Nature and culture lovers who wish to stay for the night at Üçpınar House can make a reservation using the registration form found at Nilüfer Municipality Mysia Ways website.