P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci

P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci  Mysia Roads Image P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci
P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci  Mysia Roads Image 9 km
P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 26,6%/-30,7% - Av.: 7,4%/-8,5%
P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci  Mysia Roads Image 234
P2 Dağyenice –Fırla Hill - Demirci  Mysia Roads Image 540

At a distance of 3,5 kilometres from Misi, Dağyenice has become in recent years one of the favourite places of the people of Bursa, due to its unique nature and its clear atmosphere.

The road leading  to the pond and passes next to the mosque under the shadow of the historical plane tree in the village of Dağyenice, is much more comfortable than the bad-quality lower road. This 2 kilometres long alternative road passes among houses and gardens before it merges with the road coming from Misi. You will need to advance on asphalt road for a 700 metres long part of the way. At the direction signs under the pond, turn towards the right and enter the Dağyenice Pond Picnic Area. After 50 metres you will see the direction sign which is the link to Fırla Tepe (Fırla Hill)-Demirci path.

From this point on, the unpaved road which starts to rise in the direction of Çakmacık Hill advances  among fields. From this area you will be able to see the view to Dağyenice Pond, Gördükalanı site and the hills wherefrom Trans Mysia Trail 2 passes. Moreover if you come to the area between the months June and August you can hike among sunflower fields. After 1,7 kilometres the path turns towards the right at the point of the direction signs placed on top of the hill. From then on the path leads you to the tomb of Fırla Dede, a legendary figüre for whom it  is said that he participated at the Ottoman conquest of Bursa. Fırla Dede Tomb is located at a site with an imposing view. Fırla Hill, together with its 46m-high flag post and the Turkish flag on it, is observable from long distance. Demirci trail then passes next to the direction signs located on top of the path turning to Fırla Dede tomb, and advances towards the North. The unpaved road crossing a forest starts to lower advancing from the West of Kayşak Ridge towards Müezzintaşı site. After 4 kilometres the road will bring you to the bridge next to Demirci Quarter graveyard.