P4 Dağyenice Pond - Atlas

P4 Dağyenice Pond - Atlas  Mysia Roads Image P4 Dağyenice Pond - Atlas
P4 Dağyenice Pond - Atlas  Mysia Roads Image 6,5 km
P4 Dağyenice Pond - Atlas  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 31,2%/-27,6% - Av.: 6,8%/-7,9%
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Dağyenice Pond, located 7 kilometres in the South of Misi at a distance of 3,5 kilometres from Dağyenice Quarter has become in recent years a popular destination.

Dağyenice Pond was formed amond Dağyenice, Atlas and Doğancı quarters at the site Gördükalanı for agricultural irrigation purposes at an altitude of 500 metres. It is a widely preferred destination not only for picnic but also for camping and handline fishing. Mysia Ways hiking and cycling routes passing from the picnic area and around the lake also rise the existing interest in the area.

The entrance to the trail is at the end of the road advancing towards the West, inside the picnic area. The clearly discerned unpaved road which advances next to the direction signs rises smoothly for 2 kilometres. B1 and B3 cycling routes leading to Çalı and Kayapa quarters also pass from the same road. Some parts of the unpaved  road on the North of Çiftlik Hill turn into mud after rainfalls, but this is no obstacle for the route. The trail after passing over the top of the hill it coils down towards the South in the direction of  Atlas Quarter. Turn to the left at the direction signs you will see 500 metres after you pass under the huge plane tree. The unpaved road which passes among gardens will lead you after 1 kilometre in front of the mosque at Atlas Quarter central square. At this point, if you turn towards the right, after 500 metres you will have entered  the trail leading to Inegazi Quarter. If you want to make a complete tour and return to Dağyenice, you can hike at the opposite direction at the 5 kilometres long B2 cycling route coming to Atlas from the South of Dağyenice Pond. From there you can walk along the shore of  Dağyenice Pond opposite the picnic area. The length of this tour is 12 kilometres.