P6 Atlas - İnegazi

P6 Atlas - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image P6 Atlas - İnegazi
P6 Atlas - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image 2,1 km
P6 Atlas - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 10,6%/-23,1% - Av.: 4,6%/-11,2%
P6 Atlas - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image 27,4
P6 Atlas - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image 189

The short ( 2 kilometres-long) nature hiking trail between Atlas and İnegazi quarters is also noted  as a cycling route.

Atlas Quarter, which has expanded  in recent years due to the construction of many summer houses, has become one of the most attractive mountain settlements in the southern part of Nilüfer district. As a transit point of Mysia Ways, Atlas Quarter is a meeting  place for cyclers coming from Dağyenice Pond and Çalı. Cyclers also use as an alternative route,  the 3 kilometres long shortcut way leading to İnegazi Quarter through Bursa Avenue.

The unpaved road which deviates towards the right at the beginnig of the asphalt road connecting Atlas to Kadriye Quarter at the western exit of Atlas Quarter, is the entrance to the trail. This shortcut which was used in the past by the villagers in order to descend to İnegazi Quarter, has been widened and turned in recent years into a street due to the rise of house construction  in Atlas. This road, which is used by tractors and off-road vehicles,  may be difficult to pass in rainy season because of the holes opened on its surface. The road at first passes among houses and then it advances among fields and gardens before it enters İnegazi.

You can reach the starting point of Hiking Trail P9 descending to Tahtalı quarter and Hiking Trail P12 ascending to Kadriye quarter by crossing the iron bridge at the western edge of İnegazi .