P7 Atlas - Yaylacık

P7 Atlas - Yaylacık  Mysia Roads Image P7 Atlas - Yaylacık
P7 Atlas - Yaylacık  Mysia Roads Image 8,6 km
P7 Atlas - Yaylacık  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 20,3%/-50,1% - Av.: 4,3%/-7,7%
P7 Atlas - Yaylacık  Mysia Roads Image 133
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The 8,5 kilometres long trail crossing the forest connects the historic Ottoman period settlements of Atlas and Yaylacık.

The entrance point to the track is the Atlas-İnegazi intersection at the 6th kilometre of the Çalı-Atlas asphalt road. If you start your walk at Atlas Quarter, you will need to walk for 1 kilometre on asphalt road in the direction of Çalı. Because of sheepfolds and houses built in the vicinity of the mountain settlements of Nilüfer, many by-roads have been opened, paths have been widened and tractor roads have been opened to vehicles. Yaylacık trail has the qualities of such roads.

The road starts to rise towards Pirenbaşı Hill from the beginning of the trail and turns towards the left at the deviation located at its 1,3 kilometre. The path turning to the right leads to Çalı Quarter. 300 metres after the deviation, the path will reach its higher point. It then continues towards Suirkilen Ridge in the West of Zambaklı Stream, and from then on it advances along the ridge line. In the region of the trail, along which in clear weather you van have a wide view of Marmara Sea and the plain, there are many marble quarries and by-paths. The path, surrounded by pine and oak woods, advances towards Yaylacık on the ridge line separating two valleys. The forest road which after Yaylacık Ridge descends inside  the valley turning to the right, rises for 600 metres before it reaches Yaylacık Quarter.

You can combine Hiking Trail P7  with Hiking Trail P4 which leads from Dağyenice Pond to Atlas.