P8 Atlas - Çalı

P8 Atlas - Çalı  Mysia Roads Image P8 Atlas - Çalı
P8 Atlas - Çalı  Mysia Roads Image 7,4 km
P8 Atlas - Çalı  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 17,8%/-44,5% - Av.: 4,7%/-9,1%
P8 Atlas - Çalı  Mysia Roads Image 146
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The trail advances on one of the two ways descending from Atlas to Çalı Quarter. The 7,5 kilometres long trail  advances on the ridge line path, offering an imposing view to  its surrounding region.

The starting point of the trail is at the Atlas-İnegazi road intersection, 1 kilometre below Atlas Quarter. The trail which starts at the Yaylacık sign on the Atlas-İnegazi intersection, advances for 1,3 kilometres at the same route with Hiking Trail P7 descending to Yaylacık. The unpaved road passing among oak tree woods, keeps the Çalı aslphalt road on its right while it advances on Suirkilen Ridge before it starts a smooth descent. The unpaved road advancing inside the forest parallelly to the asphalt road for 2,5 kilometres, passes from the East foothills of Karamıktarla Hill.

There are many narrow paths advancing through dense vegetation connected to the trail starting from Çakırın Hill. The route continues on an unpaved road descending for a short distance on a sharp slope, before it deviates towards the East on a forest path connecting to the unpaved road leading to Çalı Piknik Area.

A great part of the Çalı trail advances as tractor road and as a wide path. If you combine Hiking Trail P4 connecting Dağyenice Pond to Atlas, together with the Atlas-Çalı trail, you can enjoy a continuous  14 kilometres long hiking activity.