P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi

P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi
P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image 5,9 km
P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 30,8%/-34,2% - Av.: 9,1%/-10,8%
P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image 184
P11 Üçpınar - İnegazi  Mysia Roads Image 461

Üçpınar, founded after the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 by refugees from Deliorman region in Bulgaria is one of the less populated and quiet settlements in Nilüfer district. The village, located in the mountain region at a distance of 33 kilomentres from the city centre, is the starting point for 3 different trails.

Hiking Trail P11 connecting Üçpınar to İnegazi is approximately 6 kilometres long. One enters the trail from the road leading to Deliktaş Cave, 200 metres above Üçpınar. The path which ascends passing among fields, reaches its highest point after 1,2 kilometres at Sıçancık Hill. At this point the road splits into two. The path turning to the left is Hiking Trail P13 descending to Tahtalı. İnegazi trail at this point turns towards the right. The trail descending towards Bedistan Stream, advances inside the approximately 800 metres long valley, and after passing from the East of Bedistan Ridge, it turns towards the North. The unpaved road passing among oak tree woods, draws an arch towards Öküzyatağı Ridge and descends towards Karakiraz Stream. From this point on, the trail descends from the forest area towards the asphalt road connecting İnegazi to Üçpınar.

The trail enters the asphalt road advancing next to Turuncu Pacer Horse Farm. After you turn towards the right next the direction signs, you will walk for 500 metres before you enter İnegazi Quarter. The 2 kilometres long Hiking Trail P6 advancing on the street behind the central square mosque, leads to Atlas Quarter.