P13 Üçpınar - Tahtalı

P13 Üçpınar - Tahtalı  Mysia Roads Image P13 Üçpınar - Tahtalı
P13 Üçpınar - Tahtalı  Mysia Roads Image 13 km
P13 Üçpınar - Tahtalı  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 24,8%/-28,9% - Av.: 6,1%/-8,8%
P13 Üçpınar - Tahtalı  Mysia Roads Image 306
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The wider area of Üçpınar Quarter, leanining on the eastern slope of a valley covered with pine and oak woods, was used in the past by neighbouring villages as summer pasture and is also known by the name “Yörük Yaylak” (Yoruk Pasture). The starting point of the trail in Üçpınar Quarter, which can be reached via İnegazi and Atlas, is upon the asphalt road coming to the village from Deliktaş Cave.

The trail 200 metres above Üçpınar Quarter leaves the asphalt road, turns towards the North at the point of the direction signs and then start advancing among fields. At the western slope of Sıçancık Hill, which is the point with the highest altitude of the trail at 740 metres, the road splits into two directions. For the Tahtalı trail continue walking on the path advancing towards the left. The clearly seen path, which advances among dense oak woods on the ridge line in the East of Sıçancık Ridge, descends to asphalt road by a point next to the farm house, 3,5 kilometres after its starting point. Continue walking on the asphalt road, turn to the left at the direction signs you will see after 400 metres and continue walking. After 1,4 kilometres Hiking Trail P13 meets Hiking Trail P9 coming from İnegazi Quarter and from this point on they continue on the same route.

The trail which turns towards the left at the area of the marble quarry of Kurugöl Hill and then continues in the direction of Erin Hill, advances on the path in the East of Kayapa Pond before it terminates at Tahtalı Quarter.