P16 Maksempınar - Hasanağa

P16 Maksempınar - Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image P16 Maksempınar - Hasanağa
P16 Maksempınar - Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image 7,1 km
P16 Maksempınar - Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 19,3%/-25,7% - Av.: 5,5%/-8,4%
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Maksempınar, where Trans Mysia, cycling routes and nature hiking trails meet, is an orderly, green settlement founded on a wide flat territory on the mountain region. As several other settlements in the southern part of Nilüfer, it was founded by refugees coming from Bulgaria after the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878.

After you take a rest at the central square of Maksempınar Quarter you will need to pass from Mezarlık Avenue (Graveyard Avenue( and walk for 300 metres towards the asphalt road connecting to Bursa Avenue. After you enter the main road, turn towards the right and enter the trail at the point of the direction signs, which you will see on your left on the street. On the unpaved road which starts at an altitude of 480 m. and descends to 115 metres, there are garden roads, intersecting paths and fire-intervention roads. The street, surrounded by houses and fruit trees, draws an arc on the right of Kocakıvırcık Hill, turns first towards the East and then to the North. The hiking trail leading to Hasanağa advances in a region with an imposing view to the plain of Bursa and Marmara Sea.

The 2,5 kilometres long first part of the trail  is a descent between two hills. Although the road splits in two directions, it merges again into one  after a short distance. At the point of the farm house, turn towards the left and walk on the path advancing among oak tree woods. The trail advancing in an green region, after crossing open areas it passes below Devedüzü and Çırayolu ridges advancing for 1 kilometre inside the forest. The ending point of the forest path is at Oğlak Stream, which is the water source for Hasanağa Pond. The rest of the trail continues on a flat, green territory advancing parallelly to Oğlak Stream, while after 1,5 kilometres it reaches Hasanağa Quarter passing from the Hasanağa Pond top-dyke.