P17 Maksempınar - Korubaşı

P17 Maksempınar - Korubaşı  Mysia Roads Image P17 Maksempınar - Korubaşı
P17 Maksempınar - Korubaşı  Mysia Roads Image 3,7 km
P17 Maksempınar - Korubaşı  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 13,3%/-14,6% - Av.: 4,7%/-3,9%
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Korubaşı Quarter is one among the mountain settlements of Nilüfer, located 29 kilometres away from Bursa. Korubaşı, known until 1960 as Balyaz, is an old settlement founded in the 1880’s at the period of Bursa governor Ahmet Vefik Paşa. The settlement was founded with the sedentarization of 5 families of Karakeçili yörüks (Turkish semi-nomads).

The economy of Korubaşı is based on the trading of forest products and on animal husbandry, while it is one of the few settlements that have managed to preserve their traditional rural character. The short 3,7 kilometres long trail leading to Korubaşı Quarter, giving the impression of a deserted village, starts at the central square of Maksempınar Quarter.

From the coffeehouses on the central square of Maksempınar, walk for 400 metres towards the village cemetery and enter Bursa Avenue leading to Mustafakemalpaşa town. Turn towards the left at the direction signs you will see at the entrance of Kocaoğlak Picnic Area and continue on the asphalt road for 300 metres. The trail starts at the point of the direction sign you will see on the left of the road. The narrow path, encircled by trees like a green corridor, passes after a while among fields and continues advancing towards Mazı Hill. In this green and at places rocky area, where you can see women shepherds grazing their goats, there are a lot of paths. At the beginning of the trail’s 2nd kilometer  the high-level road opened for the construction a wind turbine in the vicinity of Korubaşı Quarter interrupts the route dividing it into two parts. After you pass at the opposite side you will enter the unpaved road leading to Korubaşı. The trail passes below Kocaçalı and then Gayrak hills before it descends to the asphalt road. From this point on, you can enter the road on the right and walk for 300 metres until you reach Korubaşı Quarter, where rural life is still preserved.

Moreover, you can also walk on an easier, alternative road that will lead you to Korubaşı Quarter. After walking for 600 metres on the asphalt road advancing towards the Maksempınar cemetery, you will see on your right the entrance to an unpaved road. The direction sign standing on the left of the road marks the beginning of the trail. After you advance for approximately 1 kilometre on the surrounded by oak trees shadowy, flat unpaved road, continue towards the right at the turning point you will find in front of you. After 1,2 kilometres the unpaved road connects to the main route, which will lead you to the asphalt road below Korubaşı.