P21 Görükle - Kapanca

P21 Görükle - Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image P21 Görükle - Kapanca
P21 Görükle - Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 30 km
P21 Görükle - Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 26,6%/-21% - Av.: 4,9%/-5,3%
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The 30 kilometres long trail, which starts at Görükle and heads towards the region of the ancient port of Kapanca, advances partly on the course of a historical caravan road. The trail at some places intersects with cycling route B8 starting at Tahtalı and heading to Kapanca via Görükle. The trail which advances towards Kapanca passing among fields, pastures and olive groves is quite comfortable as far as vehicles’ traffic is concerned.

Start your hike in front of Mübadele Evi (the House of the Exchange of Populations) in the centre of Görükle Quarter and walk along Bey Çeşme Avenue in the direction of İrfaniye Quarter. The trail advanncing towards the North outside İrfaniye, draws an arc and after 2 kilometres it enters the asphalt road. Walk for 300 metres on the asphalt and then turn right at the location of Çiftçiler Fountain in order to enter the normal route. 4 kilometres after the starting point, cross the highway using the bridge (40.255876°K-28.817349°D) and then cross the bridge on Nilüfer Stream (40.264933°K-28.807766°D) and continue walking. The first stop of the trail is after 6 kilometres, at Balabancık Quarter.

The remaining part of the way passes apart from Balabancık, from the locations Yenibağlık and Çamalan advancing above Davulga Hill before it reaches the old Greek village of Dereköy. Turn to the left at the point of the direction signs on the bridge at Dereköy central square and walk among the old village houses. The road continues among olive groves in the direction of Kanlıkavak Hill. Your next stop after 3 kilometres, is the village of Mirzaoba founded in the first years after Ottoman conquest. After walking for 1 kilometre on the asphalt road passing on the left of martyrs’ cemetery in the village square, the road which descends turning towards the left at the point of the direction signs, will lead you after 1,5 kilometres to the old Ottoman village of Kaymakoba. From the direction signs next to the cemetery continue walking in the direction of Karadere. The valley you will see after you exit Kaymakoba is the famous Barabeli Pass. The pass, which was used by caravans for the transfer of local products and loads from Bursa to the ancient port of Kapanca, was very important in the Ottoman period. Especially before the Ottoman conquest of Bursa, yörüks (semi-nomads) of the Karakeçili tribe were settled there as pass guards in order to cut the way to possible reinforcements sent by Byzantium, founding in this way the village of Mirzaoba and Kaymakoba.

After exiting Kaymakoba, on the left of Barabeli Pass, the way which ascends inside the valley between Dağtarla and Çatal Hill reaches after 350 metres its highest point. The path advancing among olive groves offering a view to Marmara Sea, Armutlu and İstanbul, reaches flat ground 6,5 kilometres away from Kaymakoba and connects to the Trilye-Eşkel asphalt road (40.368893°K-28.742381°D). At this point turn to the left, walk for 200 metres and then turn to the right in order to enter the unpaved road. If you follow the direction signs and markings you will reach after 2,5 kilometres the historical wind-mill, which you see on the opposite hill. Turn to the left at the point of the direction signs and walk again among olive groves. After 500 metres the unpaved road turns to the right and descends to the bay of the ancient port of Kapanca.