B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı

B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı  Mysia Roads Image B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı
B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı  Mysia Roads Image 17,8 km
B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 27,2%/-21,3% - Av.: 6%/-5,6%
B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı  Mysia Roads Image 576
B1 Misi – Dağyenice Pond– Çalı  Mysia Roads Image 606

The route starts at Misi (Gümüştepe Quarter) and rises smoothly towards Dağyenice Quarter advancing on asphalt road. It then passes next to the ponds of Dağyenice and Çalı and terminates at Çalı Quarter.

The first metres of the trail pass by the restorated houses of Pinar Street in the quarter of Misi. At the end of the street turn towards the left and advance for 500 metres on asphalt road. At the Dağyenice-Demirci turning, turn and advance towards the left. If you come from the side of  Bursa turn to the right before you enter Misi, at the point where you will see a plane tree and a fountain, and then  advance in the direction of Dağyenice. After 2,5 km you will see the direction signs below Dağyenice Quarter; the road advancing towards the right will bring you directly to Dağyenice Pond. If you want to take a rest, use the road on the left and make a stop at Dağyenice coffeehouse under the shadow of an old plane tree. The road, which passes below Dağyenice mosque advancing towards the South, unites after a while with the lower road which leads directly to Dağyenice Pond. Pay attention to vehicles’ traffic because at weekends there are many visitors at Dağyenice Pond Picnic Area. Continue your course by  turning to the right at the point of the  Çalı Pond-İnegazi direction signs. After 600 metres you will have reached the picnic area.

Advance on the unpaved road passing inside the picnic area and follow the directions sings towards Çalı Pond – Inegazi. After a 2 km long not very difficult ascent, the apparent unpaced road, which passes among oak trees descends below Atlas Quarter, continues advancing next to a big plane tree. The road for Çalı Pond turns towards the right from the unpaved road, next to the other direction signs. The Çalı Pond, a favourite place for fishermen using fishing rod, is 2 kilometres away. If you turn towards the left at the direction signs at the pond, you will reach the main road descending from Atlas Quarter to Çalı. When you arrive at Atlas Quarter, you can choose to follow either asphalt or unpaved road cycling down the slope without needing to pedal for 7 kilometres  until you reach Çalı Quarter.