B5 Maksempınar – Akçalar

B5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image B5 Maksempınar – Akçalar
B5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 12,2 km
B5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image Max: 17.9% / -22% - Av.: 4.5% / -7.2%
B5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 189
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The 12 kilometres long B5 Route reaches Akçalar Quarter passing above Unçukuru Quarter.

You can advance westwards in the direction of Unçukuru from the asphalt road passing outside Maksempınar. From the starting point of the route and for 2,5 kilometres there is light slope upwards. At Kale Tepe (Kale Hill) the asphalt road reaches the altitude of 550 metres and then it starts to descend. The intersection above Unçukuru is the deviaton point for Mysia Yolları B5, B10 and B13 cycling routes. Turn towards the direction of Akçalar-Hasanağa. After this point Route B5 starts to descend on asphalt road. After 1,5 kilometre on the highway passing among oak trees at Dağlıyolu Ridge there appears the view to Uluabat Lake. You can continue without turning towards Nilüfer Municipality Fadıllı Paragliding Facilities where Nilüfer Aviation Festivals take place. After 3,6 kilometres the route turns to the left at the direction signs, it enters an unpaved road  and continues to descend. The route, which passes among marble quarries and fields until it reaches flat road, reaches Akçalar Quarter from the unpaved road inside the village.

The 5,5 kilometres long part of B5 Route from the water reservoir below Maksempınar Fire Tower until the end advances on the same line with Trans Mysia Trail 5.

Alternative Route:  If you want to enjoy the view to Uluabat Lake and the plain of Bursa, you can use the path leading to Maksempınar Fire Tower. 2 kilometres after the Maksempınar  starting point, you will see the direction sign to the fire tower. There, turn to the right and pedal on unpaved road for 1,7 kilometres. In this way you will reach the Fire Tower where from  you can enjoy and take pictures of the panoramic view to Uluabat Lake and plain of Bursa. After 500 metres the road which passes below the tower, joins the asphalt road coming from Unçukuru Quarter. This 2,5 kilometres long alternative route,  shortens B5 Cycling Route by 1 kilometre. Enjoy the silence and the beautiful view from the Maksempınar Fire Tower…