B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı

B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı
B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image 15,6 km
B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image Max: 6.3% / -12.1% - Av.: 1.5% / -1.8%
B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image 125
B6 Akçalar – Başköy – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image 149

You can reach Akçalar Quarter, located 34 km away from the city centre,  from Bursa-İzmir asphalt road. From Misi you can use the 22 kilometres long B9 Cycling Route and reach Akçalar through Tahtalı and Kayapa.

Route B6 connecting Akçalar to the Bursa-İzmir highway via Başköy Quarter, advances on  asphalt road.  From the direction signs at the exit of Çigdemlik Caddesi (Çiğdemlik Avenue) pedal for 3,2 kilometres on the asphalt road advancing towards the North in the direction of Başköy. Although Akçalar lies at lake water level this, 1 kilometre long part of the route rises towards Adapırnal Hill. Turn left at the direction sign for Gölyazı-Uluabat, which you will see 1 km before Başköy, and continue your route. The route which advances parallelly to the water channel passing below the gardens’ hillside, provides a comfortable ride in summer months, despite advancing on unpaved road. Nevertheless in spring some parts of the road turn into mud because of its use by tractors coming out of the fields.

After the gardens’ hillside the unpaved road advancing in zigzag parallelly to the irrigation channel passes among fields and after 5,4 km it reaches a point opposite Çatalağıl Quarter. Here it is united with Trans Mysia Trail 6 coming from Akçalar and advances for 2 kilometres more in zigzag form. The cycling route enters Gölyazı asphalt road next to the direction signs, while at this point Trans Mysia Way turns towards the left seperating from the cycling route.

From this point on,  the route advances for 4,5 kilometres towards Gölyazı on asphalt road. During the summer, when it gets dark late in the evening, you might want to extend your ride to Eskikaraağaç or Uluabat. In order to do this, turn to the right at the direction signs standing 500 metres below the point where you entered the asphalt road and enter Cycling Route B15.