B7 Görükle – Başköy

B7 Görükle – Başköy  Mysia Roads Image B7 Görükle – Başköy
B7 Görükle – Başköy  Mysia Roads Image 10,8 km
B7 Görükle – Başköy  Mysia Roads Image Max: 9.7% / -11.3% - Av: 2.5% / -3.3%
B7 Görükle – Başköy  Mysia Roads Image 120
B7 Görükle – Başköy  Mysia Roads Image 210

The route, which starts at the centre of Görükle Quarter and reaches Başköy via İrfaniye Quarter, provides a secure ride for cyclists who want to reach Gölyazı or Akçalar without using  the İzmir-Bursa asphalt road.

The route starts at Görükle Atatürk Boulevard, it advances on Atatürk Boulevard and reaches the centre of the old village of Görükle from Fevzi Çakmak Avenue. The centre of Görükle is a lively place, where one can find the Mübadele Evi (House of the Exchange of Populations) of Nilüfer Municipality, the Municipality Service Building of Görükle and the Rıza Aga Mübadele Coffeehouse, which is the meeting point for Exchanged Population descendants of Bursa.

From this point on Cycling Route B7 continues on Fevzi Çakmak Avenue, it advances on asphalt road  passing besides Motormeşeler Park before it reaches İrfaniye Quarter. The asphalt road crossing İrfaniye, reaches the vicinity of the İzmir Highway after 3,5 kilometres. As this road is also used by articulated lorries carrying loads from nearby factories, you should always be cautious.  Continue riding on the asphalt road passing beside the factory located at the Gökçe-Büyükbalıklı intersection. After a while this road passes below the Bursa Ring Highway.

Approximately 1 kilometre later you will need to turn left at the Başköy-Gölyazı bicycle sign in order to continue your ride. The bad-quality road which passes among fields will bring you next to the İzmir highway fuel station. From this point you can pedal on the right of the road for 200 metres advancing on the intersection bridge and then continue towards the left, in the direction of Başköy-Fadıllı. After 1 kilometre you will arrive at the Gölyazı-Uluabat and Akçalar-Hasanağa cycling signboards.

There you can choose the route you want to follow.