B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca

B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca
B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 36,5 km
B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image Max: 17.3 % / -20.7% - Av.: 3% / -3.4%
B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 610
B8 Tahtalı – Görükle – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 691

The route which starts at Tahtalı Quarter brings you to the shore of Kapanca at Mudanya District. The route advances on historical roads used during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. You can reach Tahtalı Quarter either using the asphalt road between Beşevler and Çalı Industrial Area or from Alaaddinbey Quarter. Another option is to use Cycling Route B9 linking Misi to Akçalar.

Deviate from the main road passing below Tahtalı Quarter at the point of the Ürünlü-Görükle direction sign. After advancing on asphalt road for 2,8 kilometres you reach the Ürünlü Quarter, also known with its old name as Kite. The route, which turns towards the left at the entrance of Ürünlü, passes among gardens and advances on unpaved road before it joins after 2 kilometres the asphalt road connecting Görükle to Kayapa. You can turn to the right and advance for 500 metres in the direction of Görükle. Advance on the intersection bridge and enter Görükle following the underpass. From Atatürk Boulvard you continue to Atatürk Avenue and Fevzi Çakmak Avenue until you reach the centre of the old village of Görükle.

From there you leave Görükle and advance in the direction of İrfaniye Quarter. At the direction signs on the road intersection turn towards the direction Dereköy-Kapanca. Before you enter Balabancık Quarter in Mudanya district, you will turn to the left and pass from Çekrice and Dereköy quarters before you reach, after 28 kilometres, Mirzaoba Quarter. The asphalt road from Çekrice to Mirzaoba rises from 50 to 250 metres altitude in 8 kilometres. In order to reach from Mirzaoba, an old Ottoman settlement, to the ancient port of Kapanca you can choose between two roads. The route on the left passes from Kaymakoba and Yalıçiftlik quarters before it reaches, after 9 kilometres, the Trilye-Eşkel road. You will reach Kapanca after riding for 3 kilometres on the Eşkel asphalt road.

Alternative Route: 1 kilometre outside Mirzaoba turn to the right at the point of the direction signs in the direction of Kapanca. You will advance inside the Barabeli Valley, which was used by caravans carrying loads from Kapanca to Kite in the Ottoman period, and after 14 kilometres, you will reach the unpaved road descending to the Kapanca Ancient Port.