B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar

B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar
B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 22,6 km
B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image Max: 13.6% / -17.2% - Av.: 2.7% / -3.1%
B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 309
B9 Misi – Kayapa – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 439

The 22 kilometres long asphalt route connecting Misi to Akçalar passes from the oldest settlements of Nilüfer District: the quarters of Demirci, Çalı, Yaylacık, Tahtalı, Kayapa and Hasanağa.

Cycling Route B9 starts at the same point with Cycling Route B1 which leads from Misi to Dağyenice Pond. Approximately 500 metres after its start, it turns towards the right and reaches Demirci Quarter from asphalt road. From Dedeman Street starting above the historical plane tree it continues directly on Beyaz Street of Çalı Industrial Area, until it reaches Çalı Cumhuriyet Avenue. On the avenue, first you must turn to the left, then to the right before you follow Bursa Avenue (Bursa Caddesi), Şen Avenue, Koşuyolu Avenue and Yaylacık Avenue. The route, which passes from Yaylacık Quarter, continues on 17. Street before it reaches Tahtalı Quarter. Continue on the right of the historical plane tree in the village square. In the graveyard which you will see on your right, there are the graves of Tahtalı villagers who were killed by Greek soldiers during the Turkish War of Indipendence. You can visit this interesting martyrs’ graveyard, where the weapons with which the martyr villagers were killed, are carved on the tombstones.

1 kilometre after Çınar Street, the route enters the Bursa main Road.Turn to the left and continue your ride. After you advance for 2 kilometres on the main road with dense traffic you will arrive at Kayapa. After 4,5 kilometres the route crosses Kayapa Industrial Area, it enters Hasanağa and after 1 kilometre it enters  Hasanağa Organized Industrial Area advancing on Cumhuriyet Avenue. You can continue on the (main) road, since traffic there until Akçalar is not dense. Here you can visit the Aktopraklık Mound Archaeopark Open Air Museum. The route reaches Akçalar Quarter after 1,8 kilometres. After the intersection, turn to the right and continue your way on Çiğdemlik Avenue until you reach the end of your route.

At this point you can choose to enter either the Gölyazı Route on the right or the Uluabat Route on the left.