B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa

B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa
B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image 13,7 km
B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image Max: 17% / -21.4% - Av.: 4.9% / -5.8%
B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image 229
B12 Maksempınar – Hasanağa  Mysia Roads Image 598

The approximately 14 kilometres long route connecting Maksempınar to Hasanağa Quarter advances on asphalt road for all its length. The asphalt road below Maksempınar advancing towards the West, reaches after 3 kilometres the vicinity of Unçukuru Quarter. Turn to the right at the intersection before Unçukuru, without entering the village. Cycling Route B5 descending from Maksempınar to Akçalar also advances for 6 kilometres on the same road. In the West of Dağlıyolu Ridge the road advances among pine and oak forests and as far as vehicle traffic is concerned it is very quiet, and its surroundings are silent.

After the intersection pedal advancing in the valley towards the view of Uluabat Lake and Marmara Sea. After the intersection on the road which descends twisting, you will see many points from where you can take photographs. Trans Mysia Trail 5, which descends following the path next to the Maksempınar Fire Tower, unites with Route B12 and after 500 metres it enters the Akçalar trail from the fire-intervention road advancing below Dağlıyolu Ridge. From then on there is a 7 kilometres long asphalt road. You can advance under Kocayokuş Hill and Yeldeğirmeni Hill and pass from Bağlarbaşı Ridge having Hasanağa Pond on your right.

The end of your way is Hasanağa Quarter. In order to return to the city centre you can use Cycling Route B9.

Alternative Route: The unpaved road, which you will see on your right, 2 kilometres after the starting point of the route, will bring you to Maksempınar Fire Tower. There you can make a stop and enjoy the wonderful view to Uluabat Lake and the plain of  Bursa. At the tower, which is close to Kocaoğlakderesi picnic area, there is a fire-protection employee. The unpaved road which has been opened under the tower descends sharply next to the water reservoir and connects to the asphalt road used by the routes leading to Hasanğa and Akçalar.