B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz

B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz  Mysia Roads Image B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz
B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz  Mysia Roads Image 33 km
B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz  Mysia Roads Image Max: 10.9% / -12.7% - Av.: 3.1% / -3.9%
B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz  Mysia Roads Image 409
B13 Maksempınar – Ayaz  Mysia Roads Image 869

The route which starts at Maksempınar brings you to the West of Uluabat Lake using asphalt roads advancing inside the forest. The cycling routes which start at Kuruçeşme and Kayapa quarters also pass from Maksempınar Quarter. The route ends at Ayaz Quarter which is the intersection connecting to Uluabat Route.

The 33 kilometres long Cycling Route B13 ends at Ayaz Quarter in Mustafakemalpaşa district. Below Maksempınar Quarter start pedalling on the asphalt road advancing in the direction of Unçukuru Quarter. After 2,3 kilometres you will pass from Bayrak Hill at an altitude of 580 metres, which is the highest point of the route. Advance for 500 metres and turn to the left at the intersection you will see in front of you. Continue to pedal on asphalt road. 2 kilometres after Unçukuru you will be at the border of Nilüfer and Mustafakemalpaşa districts.

After Bayrak Hill you can advance on the 14 kilometres long route with light slopes that will not tire you. The route does not enter Kazanpınar Quarter and continues passing from the Sincansarnıc road intersection. The asphalt road is surrounded by pine forests and there is almost no traffic, while the surroundings are silent.

Turn to the left at the point of the direction signs, ride for 4 more kilometres on the road passing above Kadirçeşme Quarter and then turn to the direction of Aliseydi, again following the bicycle signs. After the intersection, the route descends and ascends for 3,8 kilometres before it ends at the square outside Ayaz Quarter. Ayaz Quarter is a transition point for Cycling Route B14 descending from Dorak Quarter to the dyke on Uluabat Lake shore and Cycling Route B15 coming from Akçalar.