B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)

B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)  Mysia Roads Image B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)
B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)  Mysia Roads Image 84,5 km
B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)  Mysia Roads Image max: 12.9% / -20.4% - ort: 1.5% / -1.5%
B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)  Mysia Roads Image 846
B14 Uluabat Tour (Coastal Route)  Mysia Roads Image 846

The route which starts at Akçalar reaches Dorak Quarter at Mustafakemalpaşa district and from there, after a sharp descent on unpaved road, it ends on Uluabat Lake shore.

The 18 kilometres long asphalt road advances in the direction of Fadıllı, Akçapınar and Onaç quarters. 2 kilometres after Fadıllı the route starts to rise. As you advance on the asphalt road surrounded by olive and fig trees you can see the lake on your right. The road rises twisting towards Akçapınar, and after it passes Onaç it reaches Dorak Quarter at an altitude of 500 metres. After an ascent of approximately 12 kilometres turn to the right at the direction signs below Dorak Quarter. The 2,5 kilometres long unpaved road descends steeply among olive tree and laurel gardens before it reaches flat ground on the lake coat, where it is united with the path coming from the East. In the past this road advanced towards the town of Mustafakemalpaşa and can be seen in historical maps as the old Kirmasti road. 1 kilometre after reaching the coast, you will arrive next to the DSİ (State Water Works) station. 3,5 kilometres after the station the bad-quality road will bring you to Karaoğlan Quarter. From there you will advance for 3,8 kilometres on asphalt road until you reach Ayaz. Ayaz Quarter is an intersecting point for Uluabat plain and Uluabat coast routes. Turn right at the sign Uluabat-Gölyazı, cross the bridge which you will see at a 1 kilometres distance and turn to the right.


One kilometre after leaving Ayaz, you will cross the bridge on Mustafakemalpaşa Stream. Turn to the right so that you have cultivated fields on your left side and Mustafakemal Stream on your right and advance for 5,5 more kilometres. You can enjoy the silence while pedalling on the road advancing in the direction of Uluabat Lake coast. When you arrive at the dyke constructed against flooding lake waters, turn to the left. Ahead of you there is a 13 kilometres long unpaved road which at places becomes stony. As you stroll along the coast, fishing boats discerned among the reeds, fishermen drawing their nets from afar, storks – the guests of the region-, and every other bird species will keep you company. After turning at the turn of the road for Ormankadı, don’t forget to stop at the observation tower to have a wide view of the surroundings. The coastal road ends at Uluabat. There you enter the highway where you ride for 3 kilometres, until you turn on the right to the road that will bring you in front of the historical Issız Han and will continue in the direction of Eskikaraağaç and Gölyazı before it reaches Akçalar. The 32 kilometreslong route between Uluabat and Akçalar advances along the northern coast of the lake following a solitary unpaved road among cultivated fields.