B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)

B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)  Mysia Roads Image B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)
B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)  Mysia Roads Image 86,2 km
B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)  Mysia Roads Image Max: 12.5% / -9.5% - Av.: 1.9% / -1.6%
B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)  Mysia Roads Image 953
B15 Uluabat Tour (Plain Route)  Mysia Roads Image 953

One of the two roads, which start at Akçalar and advance around Uluabat Lake, is 88 kilometres long and passes from Fadıllı, Akçapınar, Onaç, Dorak, Taşpınar, Aliseydi, Ayaz, İncilipınar, Doğancı, Yeşilova, Ormankadı, Uluabat, Gölkıyı, Eskikaraağaç and Gölyazı.

Cycling Route B15 advancing from the South of the lake towards settlements located in West, uses historical roads on the North and comes back, is a caftan formed for those who are interested in history, culture and nature. If you want to enjoy this route you must plan at least a 2-day ride.

The route starts at Akçalar on the eastern coast of the lake, it passes from Fadıllı Quarter and after 4,5 kilometres it enters the district of Mustafakemalpaşa. The only tiring part of the route is the 14 kilometres long corridor among olive groves with a steep slope. After Akçapınar, Onaç and Dorak, the road passes from Taşpınar Quarter, after which it becomes a comfortable ride with slightly descending slopes. Without entering Kadirçeşme it turns at the intersection of Aliseydi and descends to Ayaz.

After Ayaz the route passes from İncilipınar, Doğancı, Yeşilova and Ormankadı quarters. As you pedal along the fertile grounds of Mustafakemalpaşa plain, you will be welcomed by the curious glances of the local villagers, who are not used to seeing cyclists.You will appease your tiredness with their warm chats starting upon questions. Follow the road turning to the left at the point of the direction signs in the entrance of Ormankadı. Continue for 8 kilometres on the unpaved road advancing among fields outside Bakır Quarter, which is at the border with Karacabey district, in order to arrive to Uluabat Quarter. After Uluabat the route follows the same direction with Cycling Route B14.

Alternative Route: Instead of using the road passing near Bakır Quarter, your can reach Uluabat Quarter from the coast road. In this way, you can use the road passing inside Ormankadı Quarter and advances for 5 kilometres along the Uluabat Lake shore.