B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca

B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca
B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 30,2 km
B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image Max: 13.1% / -15.6% - Av: 3.8% / -3.7%
B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 546
B17 Görükle – Konaklı – Kapanca  Mysia Roads Image 655

Route B17, which extends beyond the limits of Nilüfer into the district of Mudanya advances almost totally on asphalt road, except for its last 2,5 kilometres long part. The 30 kilometre long route advances along the old way, which in Antiquity connected Tahtalı to the sea.

According to the hypothesis made upon archaeological survey research by French archaeologists, at the site of Kapanca there was the port of the important ancient city located at Tahtalı. The ancient road which begins at Tahtalı, after passing from Kayapa advances below Kobaklık Hill and after passing from Büyükbalıklı, Zirafta (Konaklı), Anahor (Çaylı), Veletler (Çınarlı) and Yalıçiftlik villages, it connected to the Kapanca port.

B17 route was designed according to the road map suggested by the archaeologists conducting the survey research.  After advancing on the same line with Cycling Route B8 which uses  the old historical caravan road linking Ürünlü to Kapanca, you turn to the right at the turn between Görükle and İrfaniye and advance towards Büyükbalıklı Quarter.

The route advances on asphalt road with almost no traffic. After Büyükbalıklı continue in the direction of Konaklı and Çaylı quarters. The route, which rises for 5 kilometres after Orhaniye, continues passing through the centres of historical settlements. The altitude rises from 74 metres at Orhaniye to 265 metres at Horoz Hill after Çınarlı, within a distance of 5,4 kilometres, and then starts to descend. From then on, the route descends twisting towards Yaman and Yalıçiftlik quarters among lands painted green from olive groves, with a view to Marmara Sea. On the Eşkel asphalt road the route unites with Cycling Route B8 coming from the Barabeli strait and descends on unpaved road towards the ancient port of Kapanca.

Kapanca ancient port is a bay between Eşkel and Trilye with clean water enough to enter the sea. The unpaved road upon the port connects Trilye to Eşkel. By following this road you can reach Trilye.