T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye

T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye  Mysia Roads Image T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye
T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye  Mysia Roads Image 11,5 km
T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 30.3% /-23.5% - Av.: 7.6% /-7.3%
T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye  Mysia Roads Image 565
T2 Doğancı Ridge – Kadriye  Mysia Roads Image 353

The starting point of the 11,5  kilometres long second part of Trans Mysia Way stands 500 metres in the West of the starting point of T1 on Doğancı Ridge. If you use Hiking Trail P1 coming from Dağyenice Quarter, you can reach this point from the unpaved road advancing on the left of the pond. When you walk towards the West in the direction of Dağyenice Pond on the macadam road leading to Atlas Quarter, the direction signs you will see in front of you, indicate the road leading to Tekçam Ridge, which is the first stop point for Trans Mysia Trail 2. On the other hand, the unpaved road advancing towards the West is the Cycling Route B2 leading to Atlas Quarter. One can reach Tekçam Ridge wherefrom he/she can enjoy a panoramic view of the region, through the unpaved road crossing the forest and rising in the direction of Kırtaşlık Hill. Here is the hilly region of the highest altitude inside the limits of the district of Nilüfer, from where one can enjoy beautiful scenery views. The trail can be walked in all four seasons, but it is preferred especially in snowy weather.

After a one kilometre long climb we reach the slope of Tekçam Ridge on the left of Küçükarpalık Hill of an altitude of 630 m. Behind the hill, in the South, there lies Doğancı Dam Pond. When you’ll have reached the top of the hill, we advise you to make a stop and enjoy the view. The trail  here turns to the right and continues towards the West on the ridge line overlooking the district of Orhaneli on the left, and Dağyenice Pond and Bursa plain on the right. The trail, which advances among pine trees and oak woods in the direction of Doğrupatika Hill upon the ridges of Kocaarpalık Hill, Gölcük Hill and Atlas Quarter, is very rich as far as vegetation and landscape variety are concerned.

Trail T2, the highest point of which is Gölcük Hill (860 m.), passes between summer pasture houses and the forest  before descending to Kadriye Quarter.

The 11,5 kilometres long trail can also be used as a cycling route.