T3 Kadriye – Güngören

T3 Kadriye – Güngören  Mysia Roads Image T3 Kadriye – Güngören
T3 Kadriye – Güngören  Mysia Roads Image 9,2 km
T3 Kadriye – Güngören  Mysia Roads Image Max: 18.8% /-25.4% - Av: 6.4% /-7.3%
T3 Kadriye – Güngören  Mysia Roads Image 322
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One can enter Trans Mysia Trail T3 from 5th Street, above Kadriye village square. The starting point of Hiking Trail P12 leading from Kadriye to İnegazi Quarter passing besides Deliktaş Cave, is also located  at the same point.

 The first 1,5 kilometre long part of the 9 kilometres long Trans Mysia Trail 3 passes from a natural corridor formed by trees and bushes and from a region formed of clearings. Its crossing may at some points be difficult, because of the tree branches cut before winter by Kadriye villagers involved in woodcutting, and also due to the limited use of the trail.

The trail following the direction from the south-east to the north-west continues in the south of Bağlık ridge between Kadriye and Üçpınar quarters, and then in the south of  İncirliburun, Kurtluburun, Öküzburnu, Kocaburun ve Manastıryolu ridges. At 2 kilometres in the South of the ridge line, there is the limit between Orhaneli and Nilüfer districts, where  marble quarries are located.

The first 3 kilometre long part of the trail rises from 740 m. to the highest altitude of 858 m. and then starts to descend. At the direction sign located at 3,4 km distance, the path turns towards the right and connects to the  2 kilometre long exit path descending from Manastıryolu ridge to Üçpınar. After 600 m. this path connects to the macadam road between Güngören and Üçpınar quarters.

The path turning towards the left  advances between oak trees woods and  1,6 kilometres after Değirmentaşı ridge continues it  in the shape of an arch and connects to the unpaved road. The road continues from below Fındıcak Taşı Hill and Köserlik Hill. Marble quarries may be foound behind the hills. Even if you cannot see the marble quarries, the damage made to the environment can be discerned from the fact that vegetation has lost its green colour. A little while later the trail passes next to Güngören Pond before it reaches Güngören Quarter. Güngören Pond, located behind a hill overlooking Güngören Quarter, is an ideal place for camping.

Many marble quarries have been established in the region of Güngören Quarter.  As this road is used by heavy tonnage tracks carrying the marble, in rainy weather it becomes very muddy. The marble blocks you will see on the road during your hike, also belong to the marble quarries.