T4 Güngören – Maksempınar

T4 Güngören – Maksempınar  Mysia Roads Image T4 Güngören – Maksempınar
T4 Güngören – Maksempınar  Mysia Roads Image 6 km
T4 Güngören – Maksempınar  Mysia Roads Image Max: 18.8% /-23% - Av.: 6.8% /-8.4%
T4 Güngören – Maksempınar  Mysia Roads Image 129
T4 Güngören – Maksempınar  Mysia Roads Image 350

The 5,7 kilometres long 4th part of Trans Mysia uses the old forest paths between Güngören and Maksempınar quarters. Except for some points which have been indicated with signs, the route is quite apparent.


In comparison to other settlements of the mountain region, Güngören Quarter is quite big, populous and lively. You can enter the trail upon the asphalt road descending from Güngören to Kayapa Quarter. If you start walking next to the mosque in the central square of the Güngören Quarter, the road advancing inbetween the main street, will lead you, after approximately 700 metres, to the direction signs which are the starting point of the trail. The unpaved road advancing among gardens and fields will lead you  after approximately 2 kilometres to a fountain standing next to the old twin plane trees. The fountain and the green area under the wide shadow of the old plane trees, is an ideal  point for a stop.


 During the 1,7 kilometres long first part of the trail, altitude falls from 700 to 530 m. The path after passing from Alkaya Stream, starts rising towards Çınarlık Ridge and then draws a wide arc in the direction of Kuyuyeri (Well place), before it heads towards the North. There are many marble quarries in the area crossed by the trail, while since 2020 wind turbines have been being established in the area. The path continues towards the location Kirazlı Dere (Kirazlı Stream) and then it rises again inside a valley. One needs to pay attention to the direction signs, due to dense shrubbery coverage, and also because there are many deviating roads and paths leading to village gardens.


The trail descending from Göktaş Ridge towards Maksempınar crosses a region with an imposing view on Uluabat Lake and the Sea of Marmara. The path, which at places passes from rocky ground and often through dense oak woods, was used for long years by the villagers of Orhaneli district in order to reach the villages of  Akçalar and Hasanağa. This apparent path which at times advances through pine forests, descends to the square of Maksempınar Quarter though Bayırbaşı Sokak (Bayırbaşı Street).