T5 Maksempınar – Akçalar

T5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image T5 Maksempınar – Akçalar
T5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 9,4 km
T5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image Max.: 23.2% /-25.4% - Av.: 6% /-8.2%
T5 Maksempınar – Akçalar  Mysia Roads Image 153
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Trans Mysia Trail 5 connects Maksempınar, in the mountain region of Nilüfer district, to Akçalar Quarter, on the coast of Uluabat Lake. The 9,5  kilometres long trail is therefore a very enjoyable part of Trans Mysia as far as hiking and scenery are concerned.

The trail follows partly asphalt road and mostly unpaved roads and descends from an altitude of 480 m. to lake water level. The trail starts at Maksempınar Quarter central square and follows for 400 m. the asphalt road passing from Mezarlık Sokağı (Graveyard Street). The cycling routes  leading to  Akçalar and Uluabat also advance on this asphalt road.

The starting point of trail is the road descending towards Kocaoğlak Stream Picnic Area.The asphalt road advancing towards the North passing next to the direction signs, leads after 1,3 kilometres to Kocaoğlak Stream picnic area. B4 Cycling Route connecting Kuruçeşme to Hasanağa,  also passes within the picnic area. Trans Mysia Trail 5 rises towards the left after the direction signs at the picnic area, it enters into the forest, and after 500 m. it connects to the road which leads to the Fire Tower. The Fire Tower standing at a distance of 1 kilometre, is located at an ideal point for enjoying the view and takinh photographs of the plain of Bursa, Uluabat Lake and the Sea of Marmara.

The pebble road descending next to the Fire Tower, connects to the asphalt road leading to Hasanağa Quarter. At the point where you enter the asphalt road, you will see on your left an unpaved road leading to the hydroelectric facility area located next to Nilüfer Municipality Fadıllı Paragliding Facilities. After advancing for 500 metres at this rarely frequented asphalt road, turn to the left at the point of the direction signs and keep walking. At Dağlıyolu Ridge the fire prevention forest road passing among pine and oak woods is quite wide and comfortable. Be careful at the by-roads at its vicinity, where marble quarries have been opened. Approximately 700 metres after you enter the trail, the path splits into two; follow the path on the left and continue walking.

This part of the trail after you leave the asphalt road, starts descending from the ridge on, until it reaches, after 6 kilometres, the quarter of Akçalar.