T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı

T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı
T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image 14,6 km
T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image Maks: 6.2% / -8.4% - Av.: 1.3% / -1.7%
T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı  Mysia Roads Image 107
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T6 Akçalar – Gölyazı

The last part of Trans Mysia Way is the 14 kilometres long Akçalar-Gölyazı trail.

The road from Akçalar to Gölyazı has the shape of an arc passing among olive groves and gardens. While you walk on the trail, Uluabat Lake will be on your left. Although Akçalar is a settlement on the lake coast, it is located 1,5 km in the East of the shore. The surroundings of Akçalar and the route you will walk in, are meadow lands. The ground, especially during the first 3 kilometres-long part of the trail  maybe quite soft in autumn and winter months, when lake water level rises.

In order to reach the starting point of the trail, after you see the direction signs in the centre of Akçalar, walk for 150 metres until the end of Şehir Cadde (Şehir Avenue). Then turn to the left, to Sarı Avenue, and then turn to the right in order to enter Koşuyolu Avenue.


The direction signs at the end of the avenue are the starting point of the trail. The unpaved road advancing from Akçalar towards Çatalağıl Quarter is known as the “Yoruk Way”. The unpaved road advancing from Hisar Tepe Horse Riding Area, where one of the important organizations of Nilüfer Municipality, the Pacer Horse Races, take place, passes from Karacaoba Çayırı (Karacaoba Meadow) and continues towards Çatalağıl Çayırı (Çatalağıl Meadow) advancing among fields and olive groves.

The trail then crosses the concrete bridge passing above the water canal connected to Uluabat Lake and continues towards the location Aktümsek, next to Bursa-İzmir highway asphalt. The area until Çatalağıl Quarter becomes buddy and is difficult to cross during winter and spring months, when lake water level rises, as well as after heavy rainfalls. At the location Aktümsek, Trans Mysia Trail 6 unites with two cycling routes coming from Görükle and Akçalar.


The unpaved road advances parallelly to İzmir-Bursa highway for approximately 400 metres. The trail turns to the left and continues alongside the water canal. At the direction signs placed near Gölyazı asphalt road, the trail turns towards the South and the lake shore in the direction of Çatalağıl Çayırı. The 1,7 kilometres long stone road carries signs of past times, since it uses the ancient road known among the locals as “Kral Yolu” (Royal Road). At this part of the trail, the surroundings are so desolate and quiet that it is possible during the summer to take photographs of many bird spieces.  The trail follows the traces of the historical old road and continues on the unpaved road advancing under the huge reeds’ shade on the east coast of the peninsula.  The last part of the route passes within Apollonia Necropolis Open-Air Museum before it enters the quarter of Gölyazı.  

Alternatively, during the hours that the open-air museum is closed, you can follow the unpaved road on your right passing among gardens in order to enter  the asphalt road leading to Gölyazı. The end of the trail is at the Weeping Plane, next to Gölyazı bridge.