What is Mysia Ways?

What is Mysia Ways? Mysia Roads Image

Mysia Ways Nature, History and Culture Routes, established by Nilüfer Municipality, are to date the most well-organized hiking trails and cycling routes in Bursa. Mysia Ways consist of 44 hiking and cycling routes of a total length of approximately 750 kilometers. The routes start at the village of Misi, deriving its  name from the ancient Mysians, and continue to the ancient town of Apollonia, founded in the 7th century BC, known today as the touristic settlement of Gölyazı. Kite (Ürünlü quarter), the first administrative centre of the Ottoman sultans in the region of western Bithynia before the capture of Bursa, Uluabat Castle and the ancient port of Kapanca are some of the historical sites that can be visited within Mysia Ways routes.